Group Past Life Regression


Group Past Life Regression
with Colette Condor Medicine and Luna Maye

Saturday, January 5th
4:30pm – 6:30pm

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You are invited to join Hypnotherapist, Colette Condor Medicine and Sound & Energy Guide, Luna Maye for a magical afternoon of relaxation, connection, and healing.

Has there been a time where you met someone and felt like you had an immediate and unexplainable connection that seemed to be from another place and time? Have you ever had an intuition or an experience were you felt like you were connecting to information from a past life story? Do you feel like you are constantly repeating negative patterns of behavior, whether it be in relationships, self-esteem or other aspects of life and are not able to understand how to change it? Perhaps you have been curious about the idea of past lifetimes and hoped you could remember the learning and information from them?

If you have experienced these or other intuitions in dreams, bodywork or meditation, they may be callings from past life experiences.

Before we begin our session, Colette will share about how hypnotherapy and the subconscious mind works, the use of past lifetime work and how the practice has helped bring repeated lifetime stories to her awareness to allow for healing. She will also share her shamanic teachings from the Yajé plant medicine tribes of Colombia and how she integrates her shamanic teachings into this work, as well as bringing items for sale to support her Permaculture non-profit in Colombia.
In this workshop, Luna Maye will guide participants through a beautiful vocal immersion soundbath meditation that will support Colette to guide us effortlessly as we experience a group guided Past Life Regression with the intention of accessing our past lifetimes.

Why do Past Life Work?
The reason we use past life connections and information in the present is that these memories allow us to heal and learn from them in the here and now. By doing PLR, it can help us better understand our choices and relationships, whether it be unexplainable fears and phobias to both positive and negative aspects of our personalities, to repeated patterns of relationship dynamics. By having a greater awareness of our lifetime patterning, both positive and negative decisions and experiences, we invite healing, reconciliation and learning. This fortifies our life path to hold onto and encourage the positive aspects of our story and to let go of the negative ones.

*Note to participants: due to the nature of this experience and its potential to stir up emotions for awareness and healing, this workshop is not recommended for individuals who are experiencing extreme depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or behaviors and/or a bipolar diagnosis. Those who work with PLR are nearly always relieved of associated negative patterning and/or emotions when a successful regression has taken place, but nonetheless, disturbing images, thoughts or experiences may be brought to the surface. If you are already not in a stable place, please do not take this workshop.

Colette Condor Medicine is the founder of the Passionflower House, a community Permaculture garden, conscious multi-unit apartment building and shamanic healing space in West Philly. She is also a permaculture designer, ethical investor and student of the shamanic plant medicine traditions of Colombia. Through her work in Permaculture, plant medicine and her own healing of complete paralysis, she found the power of accessing her own past lifetimes to heal the present. She dedicates her life to supporting the earth and her inhabitants using permaculture design, plant medicines and hypnotherapy focusing on Past Life Regression. Through her own life learning as well as from her teachers, she believes that individual healing leads to ancestral healing and to planetary healing. She offers private session at the Passionflower House, abroad and online. Find her @condor_medicine and @passionflowerhouse and soon at

Luna Maye is sound meditation guide, event architect and community catalyst and the founder of Haus of Intrigue – a Fishtown based haven that supports connection, creation & elevation of local artist, bohemians and curious characters alike. Luna has introduced a new dimension of sound meditation to the community through vocal immersion within the soundbath experience. Channeling lyricism and messages through intentional melodies to support you dropping into your own nourishing meditation experience in an accessible way. Her vocal-immersion energy practice helps new and seasoned peace-seekers navigate trauma, release tension and re-activate their inner truth. Find out where you can catch her and the bowls next on Instagram @lunamaye_ or at events