Cymatics: The Study of Wave Phenomena

Scientific documentary films showing the effects of acoustic vibrations on various substances.
Presented by People’s Music Supply

Sunday, April 14
$5–$10 donation, NOTA

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This screening will show two films made by Hans Jenny, who coined the term cymatics for the study of wave phenomena. Jenny’s films explore the remarkable patterns that emerge under extreme magnification of various substances excited by acoustic vibrations, revealing “a stunning array of images evolves before your eyes, as audible sound excites inert piles of lycopodium dust and kaolin paste into processes which mimic atomic, geologic, biological, solar, and even galactic shapes and movements.”

Hans Jenny (1904-1972) was a Swiss physician whose experimental studies in wave phenomena were influenced by the metaphysical speculations of Rudolf Steiner. His work on cymatics has influenced musicians such as Bjork and Alvin Lucier.