Art Opening: The Fashions of Paradise, Birds, and Other Wisdoms

The Fashions of Paradise, Birds, and Other Wisdoms:
An Homage of Adornment. A Runway Show to usher in the Summer.

Fashions by Jessica Brown
Music with Thomas Patteson and BORBS

Friday, June 14
Music and runway at 8:00pm

Gallery viewable through July 27
Gallery Hours: M–F 5:00–7:30 PM
and during all Studio 34 events

Studio 34’s summer art exhibition kicks off with the fashions of Jessica Brown, designer and visual coordinator for our friends at People’s Music Supply. Jessica’s art exhibition opens with a fashion show complete with beautiful models, wild dance music, and the aviary madness that is BORBS. It’s a festival that celebrates the glowing orbs in our hearts and in the sky.

This event is free and starts with a reception, then a fashion show, and then some otherworldly performance!

MODELS: Sonali Singh, Jasmine Bullara, Jess Castor, Cassidy Gruber-Bureauth, Aida Kupa Chloe Wang, Matteo McDonnell, Vyette Tiya, Bridgit, Veronica Bennett, Amanda Jean , and Cerulean Payne-Passmore.

Runway music by Thomas Patteson

Aaron Pond—Horn, Voice, Flutes, Melodica, Percussion, Grasses
Jessica Brown—Horn, Voice, Flutes, Percussion
Max Engleman—Guitar, Gong, Melodica, Bassoon
Gabe Preston—All of the reeds

BORBS is dedicated to the birds in their awe inspiring nature, their terror, their beauty. This band utilizes sound schemas, gesture-codes, and light compositional thoughts as an organizing operandi. The sonic world is a mythical transduction of our ever-depleting / degrading / transforming natural spaces.

Coordination and Assistance by Mijkalena Smith