Where There IS No Doctor: COVID-19, Our Cities, Our Communities

with Dr. Opeyemi Parham

Sunday, June 14th
2:00pm – 4:00pm

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Since racial, class, and gender biased discrimination are recognized and ongoing aspects of modern AmeriKKKan medicine, why would we expect things be better for marginalized communities during a pandemic panic?

“Dr. O” will preach and teach, sharing tools, information and skills we need in order to GET well and to stay well in situations where we may not have access to medical expertise and conventional medical diagnosis and treatment.

This 90-minute presentation is designed for folks interested in empowering themselves, their families, their friends, and their communities. We will review our patient bill of rights, the major causes of death in AmeriKKKa (pre-covid), how to get into hospitals, how to stay OUT of hospitals, and how to navigate current pandemic precautions. In 30 minutes of Q&A, we will share dreams and visions for next steps in cultivating ongoing relief from a broken healthcare model, in this time of Great Transition.

Opeyemi Parham (“Dr. O”) is a retired family practice M.D., an observer of culture collapse, and a full fleshed healer. As a “baby Elder,” it is her intention to educate and to empower as many lay-people, alternative healers, leaf doctors, and non-traditional healers as is humanly possible, for these critical times. Dr. O has practiced medicine in rural Illinois, urban Boston Mass., and even run around barefoot checking out the “CALM” station at a few Rainbow Gatherings, deep in the woods of Vermont and of W. Virginia.

NOTE: we will be referencing the resource, “Where There is No Doctor” which is a downloadable PDF FREE on the internet. Spanish language translation will be provided during the 2-hour session.