What The World’s Silence Says

What The World’s Silence Says: Yahya Ashour reads poems about the war in Gaza

Wednesday, December 20

This event is free
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Touring Palestinian poet and award-winning author Yahya Ashour will read poems about the war in Gaza followed by a Q&A from the audience afterwards.

Yahya Ashour is author of the poetry collection You’re A Window, They’re Clouds (2018) and the children’s book That’s Why Ryan Walks This Way (2021) and has presented his work at at Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt University, University of Michigan, Wake Forest University, Michigan State University, and University of Iowa where he is an honorary fellow. In 2024 he will be a resident at the International City of Arts in Paris. Originally from Gaza, Ashour has survived six military aggressions there between 2009 and May of this year before traveling to the U.S. in September on a B1 visa and has since been able to return home. During this war, both his family’s business and five-story house were destroyed, and he lost one cousin and seven close friends. Ashour’s family of 19 people—his mother, his siblings, and their spouses and children—were forced to flee to the south of Gaza and have been surviving under severe circumstances since the beginning of the war.