Unpacking Zionism in Modern Dance

A talk with with Leila Mire

Monday, January 1
4:00pm – 5:30pm

This event is free
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La La Lil Jidar and Jewish Voice for Peace present a lecture and discussion on the role Zionism has historically played in US contemporary dance and examine how it continues to shape what is seen on concert stages today.

Leila Mire (she/her) is a researcher, performer, choreographer, community organizer, educator, and writer. Her studies focus on the role of imperialism and Zionism in modern dance and problematize how folk dance is used to advance neoliberal agendas. She is currently in the Theatre, Dance, Performance Studies PhD program at UC Berkeley and is a graduate of NYU (MA in Performance Studies) and George Mason (BFA in Dance Performance.) You can find out more about her work through insta @leila.posts or through her website leilamiredance.com.