The Centered Parent: How to Keep Your Cool and Cultivate Connection

with Asia IrgangLaden

Monday, June 6th
7:00pm – 9:00pm
$40 per family unit

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You know that feeling when your child is about to have a tantrum? Dealing with temper tantrums and challenging behavior is exhausting and draining. Perhaps, after a tantrum or in your daily life you are feeling disconnected from your child or family or regret in the moment reactions. In this training you will discover…

  • The 7-step Present Tantruming Technique: how to stay grounded and centered through BIG tantrums
  • The Secret of “Why Temper Tantrums are Like Poop”
  • The simple 3-Step Tap-Out Strategy: how to quickly diffuse a situation when your child triggers you
  • Mindful Family Rituals – How to create sparks of connection and joy within your family’s daily life
  • A chance to explore Anger and Empathy
  • Positive Parenting strategies
  • The difference between observation and evaluation