Studio 34 Sunday Music Series: Wombat/River of Fruit

Sunday March 19
Doors 8:00pm, music at 8:30pm

Wombat (improv trio from Iowa City)
River Full of Fruit (Chinese-American folk duo from Philly)

Advance tickets $10–20 sliding scale
or by donation at the door

Hot soup and tea available as well!

Click here for advance tickets!

Studio 34 is excited to bring you Wombat — perhaps not the ferocious Australian marsupial that you were expecting, but a musical trio from Iowa City now touring the East Coast with their stamp on freely improvised sound.

This picture of Wombat fits their music to a tee: three musicians (Carlos Cotallo Solares on guitar/electronics, Justin K Comer on saxophones/objects, and Will Yager on double bass/objects) in a blur of activity, sorting out some sonic order from what’s strewn about at their feet. Hear Wombat’s music on Bandcamp to get a taste of what’s in store for all your senses at Studio 34.

Sharing the stage with Wombat is River Full of Fruit (Salina Kuo on guzheng/vocals and Gabriel García-Leeds on 12-string guitar/vocals) who combine Chinese folk, American primitive guitar, improvisation and poetry. The Philly duo recently participated in Ensemble Evolution, hosted by the International Contemporary Ensemble also also perform in the Abundance Orchestra, a chamber orchestra that blends Chinese folk, Carnatic music, American fingerstyle, jazz, and neoclassical elements. You can hear these four songs on River Full of Fruit’s self-titled EP, and oh so much more at the show!

Please note that Studio 34 is:

  • Up one flight of stairs
  • Mask-optional
  • A sober space