Studio 34 FREE Open House! Accepting Cash Donations for Studio 34


Studio34 FREE Open House!
Accepting Cash Donations for Studio 34

Saturday, 10/23
9:00am – 1:00pm


9:00am – Hatha Yoga with Kathy

Come and spend some quality time connecting your breath with the movements in your body. Explore, as we briefly hold poses, in an effort to observe the subtleties within.

10:00am – Chakra Balancing with Jenn

Join a gentle and restorative asana with Jenn to balance your subtle energies. This class is beginner friendly with slow vinyasa flows.

11:00am – Yoga & Songs for Healing with Neha

Enjoy music? Come for some calming yin yoga and Neha will then guide you into deep rest by singing soothing melodies of familiar mantras and lullabies.

12:00pm – Yin Yoga & Astrology with Megan

Enjoy some time in the slower-held postures of Yin Yoga as we uncover the overarching astrology for the season ahead, including our next Eclipse. This practice aims to build compassionate awareness of our cosmic interconnectedness.

1:00pm – Root Down, Rise Up with Kamila

How much space do you allow yourself to take up?

We’re identifying grace while healing through practice. These classes are restorative and taught with music.