Rest & Restore: Restorative Yoga Session

with Monica Fauble

Friday, July 7

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Restorative yoga is a style of yoga that encourages total rest and relaxation by using props to minimize tension in the physical body, thus inviting greater ease in the spirit and the nervous system as well. During this workshop, we will explore how to create the support for surrender in service of greater relaxation, restoration, and ease.

While most yoga practices work with tension and release, strength and stretch, restorative yoga aims to thoughtfully set up each posture with lots of props and support in order to aid the body in relaxing more deeply and letting go.

This practice will feature the use of blocks, blankets, and a bolster to encourage the release of tension and the recalibration of deep rest. We will practice taking the time to set ourselves up to feel more comfortable letting go.

We will stay close to the ground during this practice. During this session, you will be either seated or lying down with the support of blankets and props. Studio 34 Yoga will provide all of the props that you need to find comfort and to create lots of support for yourself. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.

Come balance the fiery heat of summer with some time for intentional relaxation and surrender.