Path Finders: (Re)alignment, Meaning & Purpose Through Cultural Divination

with Dr. LaMont McKim, J.D., Ph.D.

Saturday, May 2nd
2:00pm – 4:00pm
(On Zoom)

Workshop Fee: $21.21

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This workshop will provide a brief cross-cultural overview of the various tools/methods used in “divining.” The presenter will specifically focus on several tools and methodologies employed in the West African cultural tradition of Yoruba. Participants will be guided through a “simulated group reading” to illuminate the concepts of energy and alignment — what it means to be “aligned” (i.e., on/off-path).

Moreover, the workshop will explore how certain exercises, behaviors, and attitudes can be adopted and/or transformed in order to maintain, or regain, one’s current energy balance. Group discussion and/or Q & A to follow.

If available, have a glass of water and lit candle in your space for the workshop.

In addition to being an avid student of life, LaMont McKim is an educator, researcher, counselor and consultant. With advanced formal degrees in both psychology and law, LaMont has studied comparative religion since early childhood. As a student-practitioner of several African cultural-based traditions, he has sought to incorporate ancient wisdom within his approach(es) to helping others. As an organizational and educational consultant, LaMont’s primary focus is on transformational leadership and issues of equity and justice in the workplace.

LaMont was distinguished and honored as one of West Chester, Pennyslvania’s “Home Town Heroes” by the Mayor’s Office. Dr. McKim is also a frequent and highly rated speaker on community, history, and education related topics. He currently lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife of eighteen years. In his free time, LaMont likes to engage in genealogical research, observe nature in all Her beauty, and play chess.