New Moon Yoga Practice

with Kathy

Saturday, Aug. 27th
8:00pm – 10:00pm

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Please join Kathy for a powerful practice centered around the new moon and all it has to offer us. For the New Moon Practice, you will begin by planting some personal seeds of intention in an effort to manifest our own goals, wishes, & desires. As the new moon shifts into Virgo, you may look to find order, seek clarity, organize, and lessen chaos. You will then devote your asana, or pose, portion of the practice to growing these intentions. The style of practice is Hatha with a hint of yin. This practice includes an extended shavasana (resting pose) with a guided meditation inspired by new moon, followed by chanting of the moon’s mantra in an effort to seal in your intentions and deepen your connection to the rhythms of the moon.