Music by Theo R and Friends

Theo R, Sodaseas, and Gabriel Garcìa-Leeds

Saturday, August 3

Suggested donation: $10–$20
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Theo R began his music journey as a young child in the suburbs of New Jersey. He grew up playing piano and quickly blossomed into his creativity, eventually spending hours composing original music. Now, he is living in Philadelphia, evolving his sound as he soaks up all of the joys that the city has to offer. Theo produces all of his work, finding inspiration in a wide variety of unique artists including Joni Mitchell, Melo-Zed, Dijon, and Moonchild. Leaning into an experimental ambient and folk sound, he breathes new life into the musical landscape surrounding him. Playing guitar, Theo will be accompanied by clarinetist Willem Cousineau and violist Max Mega. The night will also feature acts from other local folk artists.


Sodaseas: Mexican-born and Texas-raised, Alex Ramirez’ latest songwriting efforts in Sodaseas showcase their background as a vibrant tapestry, weaving together son jarocho/Veracruzano folk, alt-country, post-rock, and screamo influences. In live settings, their sound is further informed by their bandmates’ equally geographically-diverse upbringing. Scarlet Brigham (viola) was born and raised in the small town of Big Bear, California. Brent Mackesey (lead guitar) grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. Joni David (bass) and Vasco Madrid (drums) are both South Carolina natives. Sodaseas is currently based out of Philadelphia, PA.


Gabriel Garcìa-Leeds is a guitarist, composer, and poet. He is a part of Philly folk band Terra Cotta. His sound is magical and unique, full of life and energy.