Moon Salutation Workshop

with Kathy

Wednesday, February 22
7:00pm – 9:00pm

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Come join us for an afternoon of practice focused around the Moon Salutation, or Chandra Namaskar! The moon salutation is a delightful flow which is not as well known as the classic sun salutation, but offers a refreshing change of pace and some Yin energy to balance all the Yang energy of our fast paced culture.

We will explore the cycles, qualities, & energies provided by the moon. We will learn how the wisdom of the moon relates to the inner rhythms of our own emotional and physical bodies. We will also learn to use the moon’s natural cycles to set intentions for creativity and personal growth. After embracing all it has to offer us, we will channel the moon’s calming & cooling energy into practice as we graciously flow through several moon salutations, followed by savasana with a guided meditation based on the moon’s current state, and finally a chanting of the moon’s mantra to seal in the benefits of our practice and intentions.

The gentle flow and calming qualities of the moon salutation make this workshop accessible for all levels of practice.

Bring your body, mind, & spirit and be prepared to dive into some lunar wisdom!