Laughter Yoga Workshop

Saturday, February 22nd
3:00pm – 4:30pm
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In this workshop, you will learn a unique method to laugh for no reason, rediscovering the inner child that lives within us. The act of laughing is accompanied by the rhythmic clapping and spontaneous movement, combined with breathing exercises and by brief meditation pauses.

Benefits of the practice:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce psychosomatic disorders
  • Improve the self-esteem
  • Relax the mind and reduce the stress
  • Prevent depression

Laughter Yoga is a worldwide phenomenon, developed to support the welfare of the people and peace in the world. Our mind is not able to recognize if the laughter is spontaneous or induced, in both cases it produces the same substances that are good for our body and mind. Emotions have a direct influence on the immune system, so our brain produces endorphins, substances that make us feel better immediately.

Monica Gentile is a Laughter Yoga Leader and Ambassador certified by “Laughter Yoga University,” and Hatha Yoga teacher certified by Isyco. Dancer, choreographer, they experience Laughter Yoga in work and in life.