Jungwoong Kim: “Improvising Home”

Friday February 24

Performance by Alexia Buono, Ashmina Chremos, Curt Haworth, Germain Ingram, Jorgie Ingram, Jungwoong Kim, Kaijo Caggins, Kayliani Sood, Sol Cort, and Anya Smolnikova

Live music by Tim Motzer

Sculpture by Andy Davis

Directed by Jungwoong Kim

Doors 7:30pm, performances at 8:00pm

Advance tickets $10–20 sliding scale
or by donation at the door

Food provided by That Pikliz Jawn

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How do we recognize what we consider home?

Can improvisation allow us to travel far from home and then help us to find our way back?

“A moment of improvisation is informed by every moment that came before it. A tree follows the movement of the Sun across the sky. Each day, twisting and arcing from under shadows of canopy. A sapling’s growth is collaboration, of trees, water, soil, and sun, each converging upon its delicate, skyward pathway.” — Kayliani Sood

Dancer/choreographer Jungwoong Kim returns to perform at Studio 34 for the first time in over a decade, this time in collaboration with fellow dancers Alexia Buono, Ashmina Chremos, Curt Haworth, Germain Ingram, Jorgie Ingram, Kaijo Caggins, Kayliani Sood, Sol Cort, and Anya Smolnikova. This hour-long performance also features live music by Tim Motzer and sculpture by Andy Davis. Part of our 4th Friday Winter Performance Series, Studio 34’s café (food from That Pikliz Jawn) and gallery (“Best of Fun-A-Day” from the 2023 show) open at 7:30. Performance begins at at 8:00 PM.

Jungwoong Kim is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is centered in choreography, improvisational dance/sound, Contact Improvisation, and movement for theater. He earned a degree in Choreography at the National University of the Arts in Seoul, South Korea, and performed extensively in South Korea and Japan. Since arriving in the United States in 2007, he has maintained an extensive and diverse practice as a performing artist and creator of site-specific, multi-media works. He is a choreographer and movement consultant for mainstage theater productions and is a regular workshop leader from the actors repertory company of Philadelphia’s Wilma Theater and the Headlong Performance Institute. He collaborates with a wide range of artists, including dancers, musicians, sculptors, and poets, and regularly leads Contact Improvisation, movement, and improvisation workshops at colleges, universities, and artist retreats.