Getting Real with Grief

A Guided Circle to Honor Our Losses and Our Longings
with Randi Cutler Hall

Saturday & Sunday, August 19 & 20
5:00pm – 7:00pm

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Grief is about so much more than death.

Grief comes up with death, of course, but also life transitions, changes or endings in relationships, shifts in identity, health, and sense of home or safety, among others. It all counts as loss. And where loss lies, grief lies with it.

Our grief is sacred and deserves our exquisite attention. When we allow it and open our hearts, it can also be our greatest teacher. That said, it is not possible to heal our grief alone. The healing happens when we are witnessed in community.

Come as you are. You will be seen and honored in all of your beautiful and anguished complexity. You do not have to hold it all alone. And you’re so worth it.

During those two days, we will:

* Share our stories of loss and their impact

* Meet others who are grieving

* Connect in the large group and in smaller groups

* Learn ways to process and heal grief

* Integrate thr,ough art making, writing, and embodied movement

Warning: You may experience catharsis. You may run up against discomfort. You may feel revitalized. And (gasp!) You might even enjoy yourself.