FUN-A-DAY art opening!

Friday & Saturday, February 10 & 11

7:30pm – 10:30pm each night


Be a part of Fun-A-Day 2023! The idea behind Fun-A-Day is simple: pick an art project, do it every day in January, then show your work in a group art show in February!

Fun-A-Day is always FREE, NON-COMMERCIAL, NON-JURIED, and ALL-AGES. Everyone is invited to participate; the only requirement is to HAVE FUN!

Fun-A-Day is a community art show featuring all kinds of creative work. Since 2005, artists have been choosing all kinds of projects to work on every day, from traditional arts (photographs, drawings, paintings, poetry, music) to outside the box ideas (making the bed, baking a cake, collecting sticks, making cardboard pinball machines) to do every day in January. There is no wrong way to do Fun-A-Day, the goal is to be creative and HAVE FUN! Studio 34 has been home to Philadelphia’s Fun-A-Day show since 2007, and after taking a couple years off we are psyched to have it back!