Fire Museum Presents: Okapi/Song People /Snow Caps

Friday, July 19

Okapi (cello + upright bass duo from Chicago)
Song People (Philly freakfolk trio)
Snow Caps (solo songster)

Tix $10–$20 sliding scale, NOTA
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Okapi was serendipitously born in Chicago in March of 2012 when Scott Gorski met Lindsey Miller through a strange entanglement of Craigslist inquiries. Lindsey, a classically trained cellist, had departed from the stifling conservatory direction while Scott, a self-taught upright bassist and singer, was seeking new and inventive avenues outside of traditional music. They crossed paths somewhere in the middle and worked together to form their own unique voice, which over many embodiments, eventually became a cohesive compilation of all the things they appreciated about various styles of music and sound. In short, they created the art that they wanted to experience first hand. The development of their music rode in tandem with Scott’s lyrical content to drive their foundational messages, influenced by existential philosophies, the growth of the individual, and environmental consciousness. Their musical style and subject matter continue to evolve as they whittle away at the absurdity of reality, inviting others to analyze and appreciate the power of their own individual uniqueness.

Song People: Shaina Kapeluck (vocals), Darian Scatton (guitar), and Benjamin Schurr (bass) have been playing and singing in each other’s bands for over ten years, as core members of Philadelphia-based music collective Edible Onion. Vivid, propulsive, hypnotic story-songs that work in the city but sleep in a hollow tree.

Snow Caps, the brainchild of Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist Andrew Keller (Hermit Thrushes, Jonagold), is a band constantly in transition: the rest of the members of the band are often in rotation, with Keller the driving force behind each album. Andrew Keller began writing his first album, Baby Bird, in the year 2007. People have said that Snow Caps is for anyone who has had a feeling. And, really, who can’t relate to that?

Accessibility statement: Located on the 2nd floor up a steep flight of stairs.