Fire Museum Presents: K8A: Impressions of Ethiopia

Fire Museum Presents: K8A: Impressions of Ethiopia
(solo violin and electronics)

Plus the Brothers Flux
and Ray Toy

Friday, March 1
Doors 7:00 pm, show starts at 7:30pm

Tickets $10–20 sliding scale
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Fire Museum Presents two collections of vignettes that draw connections from the historical to the contemporary.

The first is a collection of musical vignettes by American violinist and composer Kaethe Hostetter (aka K8A) of Ethiopian group QWANQWA. Sourcing from her 11 years living in Addis Ababa, Kaethe transports you to the bustling streets of the East African metropolis, evoking the crackling sounds of a saxophone blaring out of a barbershop radio, a shepherd’s flute melody turned dub reggae, the fervent dancing on packed dirt floors of a rural honey-wine bar, and the funky big band psychedelic sounds of Ethiopia’s “Golden Era.”

The second, by the Brothers Flux, are the antidote to poisonous artifacts. The Flux Brothers destory all art. Eternal is the flux force. It expels flux. It broils fervently. It jumps willy-nilly. Art isn’t ready to accept its own detritus, so we leap into the repertoire again. This performance will last 35 minutes and features Fluxus scores from the 1960s alongside our original works. Brothers Flux.

Ray Toy will open the evening with a short reading.

Fire Museum Presents curates accessible musical performances in Philadelphia that bridge the gaps between tradition and experimentation, local and global. This is their third collaboration with Studio 34 in the past year.