Fire Museum Presents: DeForrest Brown, Jr. & HxH + Glitch Proverbs

Fire Museum Presents:

DeForrest Brown, Jr. & HxH
Glitch Proverbs

Saturday, June 22

Admission $15–$25 sliding scale NOTA
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Studio 34 is happy to once again collaborate with Fire Museum Presents on an innovative music show…and this one includes a group that formed onstage in Studio 34’s lounge!

DeForrest Brown, Jr. is an Alabama-raised, Ex-American rhythmanalyst, writer and was the representative of the ‘Make Techno Black Again’ campaign. As Speaker Music, he channels the African American modernist tradition of rhythm and soul music as an intellectual site and sound of techno-vernacular expression. He has released three albums on Planet Mu; ‘Of Desire, Longing’ (2019), ‘Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry’ (2020) and ‘Techxodus’ on Planet Mu. With a background writing for a decade in the music press, his written work explores the links between the Black experience in industrialized labor systems and Black innovation in electronic music, and has appeared in Artforum, Triple Canopy, NPR, CTM Festival, Mixmag, among many others.

HxH – the improvisatory electro-acoustic duo of Lester St. Louis and Chris Williams – utilizes a mix of trumpet, cello and electronics to build worlds traversing through acoustic sound, grainy textures, expansive pools of sounds, breaks, cuts and beats. The approach is conceived as an expansiveness that holds a personal intimacy. HxH wants to bring the listeners in, tune them to the experience and take a long trip. HxH functions as a vehicle to bring together the mass of references and influences Chris and Lester share and create ways to crystalize those ideas in real, expanded time to an experience over minutes or hours.

Glitch Proverbs spontaneously formed in February 2024 at Studio 34 in West Philly when Ravish Momin (aka Sunken Cages) joined the trio of Dan Blacksberg, Alex Smith, and Leah Basarab, catalyzing the music into an ultra-vibing, unforgettable set. Each member of this quartet brings together a whole spectrum of overlapping and independent musical worlds, enabling a multi-dimensional sound that freely draws on avant-garde improvisation, sci-fi radical storytelling, punk-infused drone, and live-looped global rhythms, and more.

Please see the ticketing page for more info and to reserve ahead. And come early to see our June/July art show featuring the fashions of Jessica Brown.