Creative Investment Solutions & BORBS

People’s Music Supply presents:

Creative Investment Solutions & BORBS

Friday, August 23

Tickets $10–$10 sliding scale, NOTA
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Creative Investment Solutions
Gabriel Meyer: Trombone, Reeds
Andrew Gioannetti: Reeds
Eli Pace: Bass

Creative Investment Solutions, founded by CEO Gabriel Meyer and joined by CFO Andrew Gioannetti and CCO Eli Pace, seeks to squeeze all creativity from the small ensemble market. We’re inspired by the industry-defining Creative Construction Company and the early small ensemble recordings of Anthony Braxton. Our plan to maximize creative profit and increase our market share is through a calculated performance of original compositions, not-so-original compositions, and free improvisations. Join us as we improvise our way into a bright and profitable future.


Aaron Pond: Horn, Voice, Flutes, Melodica, Percussion, Grasses
Jessica Brown: Horn, Voice, Flutes, Percussion
Max Engleman: Guitar, Gong, Melodica, Bassoon
Gabe Preston: All of the reeds

BORBS is dedicated to the birds in their awe-inspiring nature, their terror, their beauty. This band utilizes sound schemas, gesture-codes, and light compositional thoughts as an organizing operandi. The sonic world is a mythical transduction of our ever-depleting/degrading/transforming natural spaces. While we never play compositions per se, nor do we ever stay in a particular mood for a long time, it seems very clear that sunset has a certain sound to it, the blistering afternoon heat, the deep winter morning. There are characters. We may be constantly redefining ourselves but we are most distinctly stars in the sky. If you trapped us in an elevator you would hear the words “Kabuki Theater meets the Art Ensemble meets Jurassic Park.”