Crankies with The Lantern Sisters

Saturday, June 8

Crankies with The Lantern Sisters and Friends:
Katherine Fahey + Dave Van Allen
Elizabeth LaPrelle
Maisie O’Brien

Tickets $10–25 sliding scale, NOTA
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“Crankie” is one of many names given to a form of live picture storytelling presented on moving scrolls. The pictures on these scrolls can be drawn, painted, or printed, and they might move horizontally, vertically, or in some other roundabout fashion by means of a hand-power crank, hence the name, crankie. A modern crankie movement has arisen in this 21st century, propelled by a number artists, musicians, and storytellers. Studio 34 is proud to be hosting an ensemble of them for one night of complete crankie magic!

Katherine Fahey is a Baltimore artist who combines the crafts of crankies, intricate papercutting, shadow puppetry, singing, and storytelling. These stories range from folk tales of Louisiana and myths of the Inuit to true stories about people she has known in Baltimore City. Katherine’s shadow puppetry is presented live in the form of a tabletop performance. These tales and songs are enjoyed in the dark as viewers gather around the light of the box, like a campfire or hearth. Katherine and her partner, puppeteer and foley artist Dan Van Allen have performed and taught workshops all over the country at theaters, festivals, and shows.

Elizabeth LaPrelle is a scholar and singer of Appalachian Ballads from Rural Retreat, Virginia. She built her style and repertoire from mentors like Ginny Hawker and Sheila Kay Adams, research into archival recordings, and family and friends. She’s also a banjo-player, and a visual and interdisciplinary artist. She now lives in West Philly with her husband Brian Dolphin and their young son.

Maisie O’Brien is a Philadelphia based shadow caster and educator. They have toured and practiced their original storytelling with communities including Studio 34, Black Cherry Puppet Theater, The Baltimore Crankie Festival, and Asian Arts Initiative, as well as developed shadows for collaborations with fellow artists in film, dance, music, and theater. Maisie has studied puppetry with Bread & Puppet Theater, The University of Connecticut, The O’Neill National Puppetry Conference, and the Chicago International Puppetry Festival Workshops. She also works to foster young voices via puppetry and narrative arts workshops, summer camps, and festivals