Closing Reception: Yoga Teachers Art Show

Monday, November 27

Art and snacks from 5:00pm – 8:30pm
AudiOhm Sound Bath at 6:00pm



Anisha Chirmule (quilts)
Brett Zweiman (sound bath)
Hanae Vitoria (collage)
jean-jacques gabriel (painting)
Jena Barton (dance film)
Kathy Revelle (textiles and treats)
Megan Cauley (astrology)
Neha Patil (herb craft)
Nicole Pollard (painting)
Sarah Kowolski (painting)
Morgan Andrews (curating)

At Studio 34 Yoga | Healing | Arts, we are always looking for ways to connect those three aspects of our name, and so we put together a showing of work by yoga teachers who have a broad range of artistic practices. The show is up and viewable any time the studio is open, and we’ve got a few extra things planned for our closing on Monday, November 27:

  • TREATS baked by Kathy Revelle, plus other snacks in the lounge
  • SHORT FILM by Jena Barton will play on a loop in the lounge as well
  • ASTROLOGY readings by Megan Cauley
  • SOUND BATH in Studio B with live music by Brett Zweiman, starting at 6:00pm

This will also be your last chance to support the artists and possibly take home any work that they have for sale, including Kathy Revelle’s textile bags, Neha Patil’s tinctures, and Sarah Kowalshi’s paintings. jean-jacques’ 5:15pm class and Anisha’s 7:00pm class will also overlap with the closing reception.

Studio 34’s hallway gallery hosts new work every two months. A new show opens on December 1st!