Breath for Lyrics: Yoga and Odes to Deepen Self-Love

Sunday, December 16
11:30 am – 2:00 pm
While attendance is free, RSVPs are required.
Email Sheena Sood at: to secure your spot.


*ages 15-25

Calling all young people* who want to build practices of wellness and self-expression into your everyday flow! This workshop is for those who believe that in a society pervasively traumatized by structural and state-sanctioned oppressive violence, healing justice can be a restorative and important, self-sustaining tool in working toward collective liberation. I want to help contribute to creating a space where we can share some dialogue and practices on healing justice with each other, in community.

Because as young people, YOU also need:
Space dedicated to nurturing your capacity to BE.
Spaces that help you incorporate more wellness rituals in your life.
Spaces that use self-expression and writing as tools
To help YOU evolve and know yourself more truly,
To help YOU more authentically connect to your life journey and your community.
Because Breath For Lyrics is going to offer you rituals to know & love yourself more genuinely and more intimately.

Developing spiritual practices of mindfulness and mindful writing are tools that we can use to help deepen our capacity for self-awareness and self-love.

And they are also practices that we use to further social change, restorative and healing justice in our neighborhoods and communities.

This 2.5 hour workshop will engage playful and mindful practices to challenges ourselves toward integration of the mind, body and spirit! Through weaving practices and themes of yoga, self-love, self-awareness, writing, collective care and liberation, all participants and facilitators will nurture and add to our toolkit of healing justice practices.

You can expect a light yoga practice, writing exercises, a phenomenal playlist, meeting great folks and a light meal!

I am choosing to facilitate a YOUTH-CENTERED workshop that fuses yoga and poetry for my free and public Leeway Event because as clichè as it sounds, youth are our future, youth are the present, and we need youth to be healing justice leaders.

I’m so grateful that my fellow Transformation Award grantee and also award-winning poet, activist and writer Cynthia Oka is co-facilitating this event with me.

If you’re reading this and are over 25, please INVITE ALL THE YOUNG PEOPLE you think would appreciate or benefit from this experience!
If you’re between 15-25, COME THRU! RSVP via email to:

For more inquiries, please email, or call: 678-523-1662.

Once you email to reserve your spot, I’ll add your name to our RSVP list! I will follow up by December 13th with info for the day of.

Plan to dress comfortably. No need to bring anything but yourselves! We have yoga mats/blankets for you to borrow! No shoes needed.