2 Holiday Masterclasses: Session 2 – Restorative/Yin Yoga Mash-up

with Julia Horn

Monday, December 19
6:00pm – 7:30pm
Sliding scale: $20 – $30

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At the cross-section of Restorative and Yin yoga, poetry, science, literature, a spring breeze, and an ocean’s exhale, this deeply healing class will leave you feeling rested, restored, rejuved and rejuiced…and shift us, together, into the ever-deepening waters of clarity, wisdom, and the nourishing wellspring of peace.

Moving with Julia is a unique amalgam of various forms of yoga, dance, and multiple healing modalities. Attuned to the fluctuations of nature and the weather of the inner world, this yoga meets you where you are and cradles that which is current while erasing contraction and all that is otherwise contrary.