Welcome to Our New Website!

We’d like to say a huge THANKS to Samantha Slade of Auspicious Consulting and Angela Miles of Carpe Diem Construction for an amazing job! If they sound like superheroes, that’s because they basically are… Please, explore, take a look around, and check out their great work.

And an additional thanks to JJ Tiziou of JJ Tiziou Photography for filling our website with so many beautiful photos from over the years! Read a little about JJ on the “Our Community” page under “About Us”.

Something else we’re really excited about is our upcoming Studio 34 / YogaRelief Teacher Training! Angie,Jess and Kellie have put together a short video sharing what excites them about this training. They have left the technical details to the website, which you can find HERE.

Video by Jessica Eagan

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