Studio 34 –Victoria’s relationship with yoga began in 2005 while living in El Salvador where she was the trainer for the national sailing federation as well as a high school literature teacher at Escuela Americana. For the first couple of years, it was a physical relationship driven by a competitive ego and a tough self-critic. Once done with svasana, the practice was rolled up in her mat and that was that. She “did yoga” because it made her feel better, but could not explain beyond. She admits that it took a few good years of study before the petals began to unfold and she started to experience the true essence that is the practice of yoga. Time on the mat would become time for self-reflection and self-awareness, for calming the monkey mind and taming the ego, for healing, for insight in such a way that brought awakening and connection to something so much larger. In 2011, Victoria relocated to Philadelphia where she directed an out-of-school time wooden boat building program with high school teens before resigning four years later to pursue the path of yoga whole heartedly. Captivated by the power of the practice, especially breath and sound, Victoria fulfilled her 200 hr. YTT certification in Bali with Feeling Soul Good, followed soon after by a 100 hr. training with Maty Ezraty. She also holds a 36 hr. advanced chakra yoga TT certificate with Anodea Judith and Todd Norian. Victoria has studied various yoga styles including Kundalini, sivananda, Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga. Her practice–a combination of movement, breath, sound, and meditation–is a continually evolving exploration into the Self, marked often with awe and wonder. Her commitment as a student has inspired her to become a teacher and provide a space for people to be supported on their journey.