Studio 34 Transition

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As many of you may know, I will be moving to Colorado in the Spring. As the last of the original founders of the studio and because of the way this space has been woven into my life and heart, I’ve held this time of transition close with a good of patience and listening for who would be the next space-holders here.

This letter is to introduce the new owners/space-holders: Kari Thompson and Adrienne Dolberry.

This decision was largely an intuitive and guided one, but also one that I sat with for a while to understand the why and how it might work. In doing so, it felt clear that Kari and Adrienne would both embrace, honor and continue the values of accessibility and inclusivity of the studio and bring so much more. That they would grow it and grow with it.

Kari has been part of the studio for some time. They took our first teacher training five years ago and have been teaching here since. The studio is their home and heart. Adrienne was in the teacher training this year. Though she is new to the studio, she is not new to what the studio represents and the value of accessibility, diversity and the life-practice of yoga. She has been visioning of creating such a space, and so this is all well-timed and she’s a great fit.

Adrienne and Kari will assume the management of the studio at this time. They are well set up to do this. I will continue in a supportive role through the formal transition in mid-March, and after as needed. This will be a time for them to settle in to the space and deepen their understanding of the inner workings here and expand their connections in the Studio 34 community. I know they plan to be very present during this time and are excited to meet you, see you again, hear them on stepping into this new role:

“We are honored and exited to be the new space holders for Studio 34. Even though our connection to the space is different we are unified by our commitment to expand the reach of healing within our community. We’d like to thank Angie, James, and all who have co created this beautiful space. We look forward to meeting/ catching up with all of you in the weeks to come.”

I’d like to thank everyone who has offered support during this transition, especially Naima, Stephanie, James and Clarice. I’m am incredibly grateful and super lucky to have you all.

I feel really good about what is to come for the studio and you all. I’m incredibly grateful for the past 10 years, and I know what’s to come next for me will be in deep relationship to my time here. There are no words to share what this space and you all have meant to me. Studio 34 has been the greatest gift and my deepest practice – my heart found healing and learned to sing here. Let’s keep singing each other to the light.


The photo above was taken when James generously came back to Philly to help me prepare for this transition. We went out to eat to celebrate his birthday while he was here – it was great, it felt like family. James is holding a candle for the passing of ‘the torch’!
(not pictured, but present: Stephanie, Naima and Clarice)

Save the date: We will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary on April 21st. I’ll be there to share hugs and dance moves and to say ‘see you again’.