Rikki Harley (she/her) is a lover of people, pets and plants. She first stumbled upon yoga by watching Wai Lana on PBS,she was 4 or 5 years old and has been intrigued by yoga since. Rikki would rent yoga videos on VHS and led her friends through sun salutations during lunch in high school. She included what she knew of yoga when she taught children’s theater classes as a teenager and later took yoga as a college elective and that solidified her love of the physical practice and the 8 limbs. That course was the beginning of her consistent home practice. She continued her home practice and integrating yoga with play for nearly a decade before committing to a yoga teacher training program. She graduated from studio 34 in March of 2023. She hopes to encourage people to take up space, love all of their pieces, take calculated risks, find the fun, and breathe always.