Ana HernandezNEW: Ana B. Hernandez Memorial Scholarship ~ Full Scholarship Award

This is a full scholarship for our Studio 34 Teacher Training and is in honor and celebration of our beloved Ana.

Ana was a dear friend, artist, drummer, dancer, community member, amazing cook, big-hearted-generous-easy-to-laugh inspiration. As Ana neared the end of her time with us, she became one of my most important teachers. She was grace embodied.

The description of the scholarship has been delayed by my inability to put words to the memory of Ana. So, I leave you with this much for now.

All scholarship applications received thus far will be considered for this scholarship. If you would like to submit any additional information, you are welcome to do so.

The focus for selection of this scholarship will be self-healing and service.

Please submit no more that two pages answering this question to

How do you envision this practice supporting your healing and your service to others?

Scholarship Deadline: Friday, May 5

Ana’s family will participate in selecting the scholarship recipient. Applicants will be notified of selection by the end of Monday, May 8.