Qui_Alexander_300pxQui is a laugh loving, shape shifting, nerdy ball of fire, who got into yoga by accident. After his life got flipped upside down, he started practicing with a DVD to help with anxiety and after his first class in a studio, he was hooked. Qui is a certified vinyasa instructor who has taught both young people and adults from beginners to the advanced practitioner. He’s taught both inside and outside the yoga studio, sharing this practice with whatever space that will have him.

Often feeling invisible in “traditional yoga spaces,” Qui aims to make yoga accessible to anyone and everyone who is interested in the practice. Qui is passionate about yoga’s ability to heal people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He believes breath is the language the body uses to talk us and that any information your body gives you is good information. His classes are challenging with a focus on an intentional mind body connection, breath, alignment and laughs. Qui works to inspire folks to open up to change both on and off the mat and considers yoga a part of his work, personal and family life.