Jessica EganJess Eagan is a Brown University graduate who moved to Philly 8 years ago to attend UPenn, but upon arrival felt herself far more attracted to the study of yoga than pre-veterinary sciences. Yoga made her feel a way that she had never felt before – relaxed, alert and clear-minded – and it quickly alleviated her insomnia and anxiety, two things she had struggled with for a long time. She became quickly enchanted with all the good feelings her yoga practice was inducing and decided to leave academia to follow those good feelings. She’s been studying and teaching yoga ever since. Eight years later, while she still loves yoga asana, she is beginning to lean more in the direction of teaching the psychological and philosophical elements of yoga that she has learned from her 7-year study with her primary teacher, Dr. Vijeyendra Pratap. In 2012 Jess founded YogaRelief, a business that develops and teaches yoga programs for stress-related ailments and in 2013 she teamed up with Angie Norris and Kellie Berns to design and teach the first 200 hr Studio 34|YogaRelief Teacher Training.