Fun-A-Day Philadelphia

Fun-A-Day Philadelphia

————————-CALLING ALL ARTISTS————————–

(and non-artists, and creative people, and people that just like fun)

The 10th annual Fun-A-Day Project and Show starts this January 1st, 2014!

To participate, just pick a project to work on every day for the month of January. It could be anything!

Take a picture, sing a song, write a letter, make the bed… work on your novel, contact that friend, finish that old project left hanging. Whatever it is, just make sure you are having fun doing it!

There will be a group art show on February 7 & 8 during which we can all share our work and be inspired to keep being creative!

Collaborations are encouraged! Tell your friends! Fun is required!

Consider joining the Fun!

Check our Facebook page for updates, and more info on the show as it approaches.

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