faeFrances Rose

Pronouns :: fae, she, they

Mint, wild Rose, Buffalo, Ox — these are some of the plant & animal spirits that move with Frances Rose. Imagine the fervor of mint, the sweetness of rose, the collective, grass-fed power of buffalo, and the persistence of ox. Faerie-identified, Frances Rose tends to multiple connected community gardens (both physical & metaphorical) in West Philly & beyond. Fae dreams of sharing lives, work and food, with all who practice affirming Life in its myriad forms & expressions — while she engages deeply in her life-work of learning, loving, healing, and growing, and helping others do the same.

Their yoga teaching grows from the soil of her own practice, and their practice is in turn, strengthened by her teaching. Fae guides an Earth-supported yoga, rich with living metaphor, that seeks to access the connected inner wisdoms of each individual’s being & our Home planet. Their classes tend to embody a fierce but gentle, bovine drive, with an emphasis on engagement, and the radiance of our hearts in open flower. She strives to share a rounded practice that includes the many limbs of yoga beyond asana — and to frame it as a practice of tranifold unions (breath to body, body to mind, people to place, and all to spirit). Further, cultivating openness in one’s being through support of self is a perennial theme.

Fae came to yoga, coaxed by a teacher friend in 2005, more or less just before a car accident changed their life & body forever. With a practice that has grown from the traditions of many teachers in multiple cities, they have found deepest resonance with the alignment-based, community yoga she trained to teach at Studio 34. Fae is so deeply grateful for the innumerable ways that Studio 34, and its amazing community, have served her life & times.