Yoga & Mbira

Friday, October 13
approx 45min

$20-$36 sliding scale
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Kari & Aaron are excited to combine forces for this special offering!

The yoga practice will be led by Kari Thompson, owner of Studio 34. It will begin with a brief meditation, followed by 3 flow sequences, and end with 3 restorative postures.

Sync your flow and rest deeply with the sweet sounds of Aaron Pond playing the Mbira, an instrument traditional to the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

“Through this community, this playing, this listening, I am completed.

Originally a classical musician, I stopped performing conventionally notated music in college, and dedicated my singing to the trees and birds of Sarasota Bay. It was there that I connected with something greater than myself. After moving to Philadelphia in 2018, I fell in love with free improvisation, world music, and the larger scene which was unfolding here. In 2021, I picked up the horn again and have been ripping it ever since. My improvisational practice is drawn from early atonal music, the playful spirituality of the AACM, and a South Florida childhood spent in synagogues and swamps. My scholarly pursuits center the universal aesthetic structures of spirit possession and the marking power of ritual. I wish to find myself in the turbulent seas of sensation.”