Yin Yoga & Astrology

Friday, November 4th
6:00pm – 8:00pm

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Amid a dynamic astrological season, including an active eclipse season, this practice offers astrological insight through an embodied practice of yin yoga, astrology, and guided meditation. We’ll uncover the latest astrological transits for the collective while we practice yin yoga. Participants will be given practical mindful tools to work with the current cosmic energies.

As the planets create patterns in the sky known in astrology as aspects similarly our bodies flow along energetic lines called meridians in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Yin yoga is a slow yoga practice based on this knowledge that nourishes our connective tissue and harmonizes our physical, mental and emotional energy.

The practice is gentle and open to beginners or seasoned yogis. The workshop is open to the astrological curious or those who check their charts regularly.

Participants will also be given 12% off a full natal chart astrology reading or updated reading if they’ve already received a full natal chart reading with Megan.

Megan Cauley is a professional astrologer, certified yoga teacher, and devoted seeker. Through teaching and consultations, she shines a light on the patterns of interconnectedness. She is a trauma-sensitive and accessible yoga teacher, devoted to offering both yoga and astrology through that lens.