Yin + Massage = Mini-Retreat!

with Amanda Sebald and Nicole Pepe

Fridays, 6:00pm-7:40pm

November 12
December 3

Sliding scale: $30-$45 per session
Minimum 8 students to run / maximum 12 students

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Essential end of the week self-care mini-retreat, combining the physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits of Yin Yoga + Massage. Moving at a gentle pace, certified Yin instructor Amanda Sebald will lead you through a passive and supported Yin Yoga sequence while licensed massage therapist Nicole Pepe will apply massage techniques to further relieve tension and stress. Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissue in the body by holding the poses for longer periods of time, slowing the body and thus the mind. As your body softens into the Yin shapes, it will be encouraged to release and open further through connective tissue massage. Experience the inherent connection of Yin and Massage, as Amanda and Nicole create a therapeutic space to relax, nurture, and balance your whole self.

Masks are optional if you are fully vaccinated, masks are mandatory if you are not fully vaccinated.Yin