The Great Nap

Come for a nap, leave with so much more.

with Hanae Victoria and Kay Marie

This offering is for the POC community

Saturday, November 18
1:00pm – 4:00pm

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Financial assistance is available. Email Hanae Victoria at: HanaeVictoria@gmail

The Great Nap is a dreamscape for Black and brown people to imagine where we might access more moments of rest in our lives. Rather than create another vacuum where rest exists as an entity separate from our other life priorities, together we’ll imagine and move closer to our own inner sanctuary.

Enjoyers of The Great Nap will:

  • connect in clarifying their rest needs and intentions
  • share a guided rest session and visualization activity
  • explore rest allies including teas, writing prompts, solo and/or partnered body positions, and oracle card decks
  • imagine opportunities to nourish an ongoing community of generative and collaborative support that clears space for more rest in our lives

As always, everything shared will be an invitation, rather than an obligation. There will be a variety of entry points for participation, and you are welcome to bring the tools, resources, and supports that help you feel most cozy and at ease!