Tuesday, October 22nd
6:30pm – 8:30pm


Dr. Donna Caplan, Studio 34 wellness provider and naturopathic doctor of 25 years, will discuss natural remedies and holistic principles to well-being, especially in the fall/ winter months.

Topics will include:

❤️ Strengthening the immune system

❤️ Healing the digestive system; restoring the microbiome, digestion and assimilation

❤️ Eliminating inflammation AND the root causes

❤️ Supporting detoxification

❤️ Restoring cellular and mitochondrial functions

❤️ Practical Remedies for treating and preventing colds and flus for adults and children

❤️ Tools for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being including identifying and treating many of the causes (that are often due to physical imbalances).

❤️ How to increase and restore core energy and adrenal function.


We will have lots to talk about, and will integrate questions as well! Looking forward to seeing you!

Dr. Donna Caplan is a licensed naturopathic doctor and has had a holistic medicine family practice since 1995. She currently sees patients of all ages including newborns, children, and adults in both Philadelphia and Hawaii, and also provides consultations worldwide by phone. Dr. Caplan was the founder and medical director of Vermont Integrative Medicine for 17 years, and practiced natural obstetrics/midwifery for 12 years. She combines western and Chinese medicine and utilizes multiple healing modalities. She specializes in identifying and addressing the underlying root causes of the person’s condition/illness and assists people in profoundly transforming their health on all levels — physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.