Sound Journey


Sound Journey
with Sean Hoots 

Saturday, April 29
6:00pm – 8:00pm
$20 | $25 after April 21
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~First 15 to register receive a free recording of a previous Journey~

A sound journey is medicine for the body, mind and spirit as music and vibration are the universal language. A language that in its nature holds a code for healing. In this space we get to enjoy the sweetness of healing vibes without effort. Such a gift! Come join us, build a comfy nest of blanks, cushions, props (or bring your own set up), and settle in for the most magical of rides.

We’d like to welcome special guests, Iron Gump and Sean Hoots with their ambient project, “Raise The Dead Language.”

Raise The Dead Language guides you through waves of consciousness and into the depths of the subconscious. Through the vibrations/sounds of Native flutes, crystal bowls, guitars, gongs and other modern and acoustic instruments, you will be guided into a space of exploration and imagination.

This Journey is taken in a comfortable reclined position or in a chair if preferred.

About Iron Gump:
Iron GumpFor the last 5 years, Iron Gump has been travel/living in Maui, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Philadelphia. Spontaneously connecting musically with different artists on his travels, he has learned more about conversing through sounds rather than words. His connection to sound has become his passion and his way of opening space for people to see beyond the idea of “the self.”

About Sean Hoots:
Sean HootsAmazing self-taught musician with a humbling and soulful presence. He has performed across the country with a Folk band he and friend Andrew Grey formed in 2005, Hoots and Hellmouth, and now looks to expand his depths of music with his new project “Raise The Dead Language” with Iron Gump.
Sean Hoots releases new ambient record as Raise The Dead Language