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    Restorative Yoga Workshop

    with Naima

    January 12
    February 23
    March 16
    April 20

    3:15pm – 5:00pm

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    This workshop will lead students deep into relaxation; through stillness and surrender students will cultivate a quality of spaciousness that allows stress and tension to melt away. Students practice a soothing breathing technique, followed by a restorative yoga sequence, ending with a relaxing meditation. As students relinquish control to gravity, they will explore what comes up in their bodies, attempting to set judgment aside and just feel. Allowing space for being rather than doing. By allowing the body to rest, we allow the body to heal. This practice helps to activate and balance the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response) which helps reduce fatigue, anxiety and stress, as well as, promoting overall well-being. All restorative poses are done seated or lying down and with the support of props. Great for all levels especially those looking for nourishment and self-care.