Restorative Yoga for Shoulders, Neck, and Eyes

with Morgan Andrews

Mondays in November, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Cost: $18/class. Sign up for the first three and the fourth class is free.

All Studio 34 Memberships and Class Passes honored.

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I first came to yoga through therapeutic exercises for where I held the most tension: my eyes, neck, and shoulders. In the years since, I’ve shared bits of this therapeutic practice here and there, but never in a class specifically dedicated to these uppermost regions of the body…until now!

Each session in this series will start with basic movements to warm up and explore the range of motion in our upper bodies before dropping into restorative poses especially helpful for our necks and shoulders. We’ll also practice techniques from the vast canon of eye yoga exercises that play with color, motion, focus, darkness, and light. Some classical seated poses will also pop in as well to integrate the way we sit and twist and bend with the actions of the shoulders, neck, and eyes.

Restorative Yoga for Shoulders, Neck, and Eyesis open to all students and teachers of yoga. Cost for each class is $18, and if you sign up for the first three, the fourth one is free. We also honor all Studio 34 Memberships and Class Passes for this series.

Morgan Andrews has been teaching yoga at Studio 34 since 2009 and leads Yoga Class Sequencing for Studio 34’s Yoga Teacher Training program. Morgan’s early morning classes offer an alignment-based entry point to a wake-up-and-move yoga practice, and his Advancing Asana classes provide opportunities to take that practice further. Restorative Yoga for Shoulders, Neck, and Eyes is a slower-paced, therapeutic series drawn from Morgan’s own experiences in using yoga to heal from injury and chronic pain.