Pose Pointers: 4-part yoga workshop series


4-part Yoga Workshop Series with Morgan Andrews

Every Wednesday in October
7:00pm – 8:30 pm

Single workshop cost: $18
Whole series: All 4 classes for the price of 3!
All Studio 34 Memberships/Class Passes can be used as well.

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Studio 34 is psyched to offer POSE POINTERS, a series of workshops that dig into the history, sequencing, and alignment of some of yoga’s most common postures. Every session includes a warm up through breath and movement before delving into the particulars of certain poses through practice and asking questions. Each week will focus on a different category of poses as follows:

Oct 5: Sun Salutations – Explore Surya Namaskar in its many variations, pose transitions, and nuances between traditions.

Oct 12: Warriors – Virabhadrasana 1, 2, 3, and many more…How do we find peace in poses that evoke war?

Oct 19: Pigeons – So many kinds of Kapotasana in this coop, where to begin? And where can we end up?

Oct 26: Seated Poses – Sit down and relax into unpacking some of the most challenging poses in all of yoga.

POSE POINTERS is open to all students and teachers of yoga. Register for any number of classes à la carte, or sign up for the first three and the fourth one is free. Studio 34 also honors all memberships, class passes, work exchange and teacher credits for this series. Drop-ins welcome.

Morgan Andrews has been teaching yoga at Studio 34 since 2009 and leads the Yoga Class Sequencing Weekend as part of Studio 34’s Yoga Teacher Training program. Morgan’s early morning classes offer an alignment-based entry point to a wake-up-and-move yoga practice, and his Advancing Asana classes provide opportunities to take that practice further. In the vein of Morgan’s recent “Yoga for your Tight Side” workshop, this Pose Pointers series offers a fun approach to clarifying and deepening yoga’s physical practice through exploring it together as a community. Sign up today at www.studio34yoga.com