Mindfulness in Each Moment: an 8-week Journey

Mindfulness in Each Moment: An 8-week Journey
with Brandon Everett

Sundays, 9:30am – 11:30am
February 18th – April 8th
Sliding Scale beginning at $80
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The practice of Mindfulness meditation enables us to recognize, connect with, and draw upon the natural peace, clarity, freedom, and strength that are available in each moment of our life. Extensive studies have shown that practicing Mindfulness benefits one’s health and well-being in a number of ways, including: reducing stress, boosting the immune system, cultivating a greater sense of connection with one’s self and one’s loved ones, improving sleep, decreasing anxiety, and improving focus and concentration. The list goes on. Yet while there are countless opportunities to be introduced to Mindfulness meditation, meaningful and lasting change can only occur when the practice is integrated into one’s life. Join Brandon R. Everett for this transformative eight-week course exploring practices and techniques for finding and integrating Mindfulness.

What people are saying about this course:
“This course allowed me to examine the “whys” of my stress and anxiety in a safe space. I never felt judged…”
“One of the best things I have ever done for myself. The scientific explanations made meditation ‘real’ to me. The sense of community was inspiring. I learned how to be still and through the practice found my entire life changed. I am finally content.”
“I have been meditating for awhile, but this course brought it all together.”

This course is ideal for anyone looking to begin a mindfulness meditation practice or to deepen an already established practice.

Teacher Biography:

Brandon is a student of renowned meditation teachers Scott & Nancy McBride. His motivation for sharing the practice of Mindfulness is to help others recognize who they are most fundamentally and, in doing so, to realize their fullest potential for happiness & freedom.