with Hoop Dance Instructor & Certified Personal Trainer Jennifer Alvarez
(Winner of Philly Magazine Best of Philly For “MOST FUN WORKOUT”)

Saturday, October 13
1:00pm – 3:00pm
$20 in advance | $25 walk in

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This class focuses on Hoop Dance fundamentals: learning to move the hoop from the waist, hips, shoulders, neck, arms and legs; and instruction of how to breathe. The rhythmic beat of the hoop, and play, can help quiet one’s mind and lead to a meditative state – also known as flow.

Hoop dance is a fantastic and FUN way to sculpt and tone, build core strength, increase agility, and build cardiovascular endurance. This class includes a dynamic warm-up and a simple choreography of beginner hoop moves. Class concludes with a stretching routine that incorporates hoops.