Mental Health Talk

Sunday June 10th
FREE – donations welcome

It seems inevitable that at some point in our lives we may find ourselves struggling with our mental health or supporting a friend or a loved one who is struggling with their mental health. Often, figuring out how to help ourselves or our loved ones is difficult for many reasons. There is still a lot of stigma around mental illness and taking the steps to find a therapist or support group can feel overwhelming. Just figuring out where to start to look for help can be a lot to tackle for someone in their best spirits, let alone someone who is just struggling to make it through the day to day.

In this talk, Carol Martin Johnson MA, ATR-BC,LPC and Jessica LaBarca MA, ATR-BC, LPC will provide a variety of resources for dealing with mental health which will include…

* Debunking the shame around mental health issues
* Signs that action needs to be taken
* Abuse and suicide prevention
* Resources for low-income folks
* Resources for people of color
* Resources for queer and trans folks
* Tools for dealing with overwhelm
* For family and friends of some one experiencing issues with mental health, how to support the person and how to support themselves

This talk is free, but donations are welcomed.