with August Zee

5 Wednesdays:
September 11th – October 9th, 2019
8:30am – 9:30am
Course fee: $100 per family
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Touch is our first developed sense in the womb. Loving therapeutic touch from parent to infant helps in easing colic, balancing circadian rhythms, developing of physiological systems, encouraging self-regulation, calming the nervous system, and easing developmental tension. Heartbeats, breath, sweat, and tears are shared in the profound intimacy between infant and parent as they co-regulate. Consistent massage provides time and space for this regulation to be built on a base of warm physical connection.

In this 5-week class, parents will learn how to massage their child in a safe, comfortable atmosphere where they are encouraged to go at the child’s pace, easing them into touch and learning from their infant’s responses their physical needs and preferences. Through this and continued practice of massage, infants will come to feel fully at home in the safety of their parent’s warm loving hands. Parents are welcomed and supported in an atmosphere alongside other parents in learning a full body massage to provide daily for their child. Come join in this fun and very beneficial class!

“Taking this class way a great way to have intentional time connecting with my baby and with other awesome parents in the area, as well as August, who is wonderful. It’s been months since I competed the classes and I still enjoy the techniques I learned with August to connect and play with my child.” Tommy, West Philly Parent

August Zee is a practicing massage therapist of over ten years. Her work is both sophisticated and warm for varying purposes such as relieving pain from acute or chronic tension, relieving nervous tension from anxiety or depression, and generally providing a reboot for life. In late August 2019 she will have finished her birth doula certification and she is currently a Certified Educator of Infant Massage through the International Association of Infant Massage.

The instructor is near fluent in ASL and is PTASL and TASL accessible.

Registration in advance is required. Infants under one year encouraged but older babies welcomed on a case by case basis.