Healing Circles with Trinity

Sundays, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
September 25 – October 23
$10 per session

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Every healing circle will have a main theme: connection, forgiveness, or honoring ourselves. Meditation, journaling, yoga, and even some free movement will occur. Allow yourself time and space to move freely through any emotions and feelings you have stored up. Connect with yourself on all levels. I hope that these healing circles create a sense of community and connection. Having a support system when moving through anything complex is always good. Be yourself, express yourself, and heal yourself.

September 25 – Acknowledge your pain
October 02 – Accept what has happened in our past
October 09 – Forgive those who have harmed us
October 16 – Release past pain, fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs
October 23 – Claim your truth