Chakras & Asana Workshop

with Kathy Revelle
Sunday June 24
1:00pm – 2:45pm
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Please join me for a yoga practice designed to ignite our chakras, or subtle energy centers, one by one, in an effort to spark our internal fire.

We will move through a Hatha style yoga practice with a focus on what chakra is being fired up within ourselves while in each asana or pose. We will begin by grounding the root chakra in a seated meditation and end by surrendering to consciousness, the crown chakra, in Savasana, with all the other chakras and asanas in between.

You will learn the names and locations of each chakra, as well as the specific mantra sounds, colors, and numerous other qualities associated with the individual chakras. You will be prompted to look for those qualities within particular asanas in an effort to activate them and inspire your own inner fire and passion for life.

The will be a beginner level practice open to all!